Zaful Anniversary Pre-heat

Listen up! Zaful 3rd Anniversary Pre-heat missions ready to launch!

Go to and accomplish tasks down below to win Z points & coupons!

1: E-mail verifies: After verifying your E-mail, you will receive 100 Z points as a reward. Welcome to our community~

2: Subscribe: Get 10% off coupon by subscribing to our Zaful Newsletter. Know about the latest fashion trends and amazing Zaful contents at any time.

3: Perfect your profile: Edit your profile, fill in all info’s to let us know you’re an actual person~ 50 Z points as reward.

4: Upload avatar: A unique profile picture is necessary. Upload for 50 Z points & a cheerful mood every day.

5: Friends invite: Our community always welcome more new faces. Invite 1 friend for 50 Z points. You think that’s all? No! You’ll also win a $20 0ff $50 coupon after 5 friends registered!

6: Freebie: Participate in Zaful’s “Get It Free” event. Invite your friend to order the product you shared and get a copy for free!

7: Beginner’s gift: Make your first order on to claim a 8% off coupon. Only for beginners!

Enjoy pre-heat!



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