Beach Tops

It’s hot and the summer is right around the corner. It’s time to use your imagination and summer clothes to make great styles and new trends. Today’s theme is tops, better said, beach tops because summer is almost here. The trendy top’s came few years ago and they are still trendy as on the first day it came out. With tops I specifically mean the short ones, crop tops, where your belly is exposed. There are many various tops which are good for every occasion you may have. From casual tops to the glamorous and elegant ones, it’s on you to decide. They are easy to combine with everything and they definitely make your outfit more stylish. Thank’s to the trend with high waisted jeans,pants and shorts, these tops are looking perfect with these high waisted clothing pieces. Beach tops are my favourite. They have so many beautiful and colorful prints, which you must see. They can make you look girly but also sexy. Girls with little more weight can wear them too. We live in a century where every body shape is beautiful and where everyone can wear what they want, so if you want to wear a becah top, I encourage you to wear it!

BeFunky-collage2 (1)

Sunflower Crop Top And Pompoms Shorts Set

Floral Cropped Top And Lace Trim High Waisted Shorts

Two pieced items are also trendy. One piece is a beach top, the other one is shorts or jeans or pants. It depends which style you want. They look beautiful together as you can see on the photos. The prints make them look even more summer alike and of course they are comfortable. Great for hot summer days. So, if you want a great summer outfit, you won’t miss the point if you wear flower prints. If you decide on a flower print, it’s best to find some tropical flower prints. They make the summer vibe stand out even more. But, that’s just one option. If you don’t like prints, you can wear minimalistic one color tops. It would be great for summer if they are in vibrant colors like yellow, red, blue, turquoise ect. One more tipp: If you wear something darker or black, it will be even hotter for you in the summer, because the color black attracts the sun’s rays. That means, with brighter colors, it will be at least a little bit easier to endure the summer warmth.

In the link below are some of our summer collection clothing pieces. For more visit our site .


BeFunky-collage (1)

Cami Floral Criss Cross Maxi Dress

Sweetheart Tropical Romper

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