Beach Tops

It’s hot and the summer is right around the corner. It’s time to use your imagination and summer clothes to make great styles and new trends. Today’s theme is tops, better said, beach tops because summer is almost here. The trendy top’s came few years ago and they are still trendy as on the first day it came out. With tops I specifically mean the short ones, crop tops, where your belly is exposed. There are many various tops which are good for every occasion you may have. From casual tops to the glamorous and elegant ones, it’s on you to decide. They are easy to combine with everything and they definitely make your outfit more stylish. Thank’s to the trend with high waisted jeans,pants and shorts, these tops are looking perfect with these high waisted clothing pieces. Beach tops are my favourite. They have so many beautiful and colorful prints, which you must see. They can make you look girly but also sexy. Girls with little more weight can wear them too. We live in a century where every body shape is beautiful and where everyone can wear what they want, so if you want to wear a becah top, I encourage you to wear it!

BeFunky-collage2 (1)

Sunflower Crop Top And Pompoms Shorts Set

Floral Cropped Top And Lace Trim High Waisted Shorts

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How to wear tank tops?

Tank tops are so popular these past two years. They are a ”must have” piece which you really should have in your closet. You can make stylish outfits with tank tops. They are made for every style and expecialy for the summer time. So, how to wear tank tops this summer? There are so many trendy styles you can wear and the tank top will be the item which makes the outfit complete. You can wear it with a cool skirt and make an elegant outfit or if you like it, also with casual style. For the girls who are sporty, tank tops are great. The girls who are really fit love these tops. Just put some shorts on and this tank top, sneakers and some cool casual accessories and that’s it. You will look trendy and be comfortable. My favourite style is the boho style, so if you love this style too then try the one I showed you below. The tank top is really beautiful and perfect for this kind of stlye. As you can see, you have many different tank tops, in every shape, colour and print. Zaful has many gorgeous ones which you can see by clicking here.


Cropped Scalloped Tank Top

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Bikini Trends 2018

Hello everyone.

Are you ready for summer 2018? This summer is going to be very fashionable with the new bikini trends. Do you know which trends I mean? No? That’s not a problem. Today I’m going to show you some of the new bikini trends for the summer 2018, so that you can be ready for the beach and rock it off with a stylish bikini. There are so many shapes, colours and prints which are so IN this summer. It won’t be a problem for you to be stylish because many styles are trendy now. One of my favourite bikini trends are the fruit printed bikinis. They are so cute. Here are some examples:


Click here                                                                         Click here

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Tulip Time Festival 2018


For nearly a century,millions of people have visited and participated in Holland’s Tulip Time Festival. The festival is known to attract around 500000 people or more annually. I don’t like sharing my childhood online, but I am so in love with this festival I just cant help, but share my passion. Ever since I was a little girl I adored flowers, tulips especially. This is all thanks to my mother,I started working with her in our garden at such a young age, I can’t even remember a time that I wasn’t doing, god I sound old with that… Anyway I found out about this festival a few years back and ever since it has been my dream to visit it together with my mother and maybe even my own little girl if I end up being lucky enough to have one. Continue reading “Tulip Time Festival 2018”

Zaful Bikini | Take Me To The Beach

Are you ready for summer and the beach? These year we also have new trends and bikinis for you. Many shapes of bikinis are ready for you to try them out and be a fashion icon on the beach this summer. Of course it doesn’t matter if you are skinny or not. We have the perfect bikini for every body type. Our materials for bikinis are made of the best fabrics. If you like the bikinis the celebrities are wearing, visit our size and maybe find the same or a similar one. Beside the beautiful bikinis, we offer you great prizes and sales. Summer is a beautiful season where you find new friends, make new memories and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Love yourself and show it with your own style. ZAFUL doesn’t want you to be like the new trends, it wants you to create your own trend using every piece of inspiration trough the new ones. And the most improtant thing is, we, the ZAFUL team, want to be a part of your happiness and your new adventures.

BeFunky Collage1

One Shoulder Bikini Set

Cami Palm Leaf Print Bikini 

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How to wear the wide leg pants?

Don’t miss the new trend, the wide leg pants. Girls wear them with various styles and outfits. They are easy to combine with various styles, from casual looks, to glamorous looks. Aside their beautifulness, they are really comfortable to wear and also refreshing to see. You can combine them with a casual T-shirt and sneakers and look stylish, for the night, you can add some heels and a cool blouse, and look fabulous. Even though they are wide, in them you can still look and feel sexy and attractive. With one pair of wide leg pants, you can be ready for every occassion and this trend will be IN till the fall. From flower prints, till stripes, or just one colour pants, everything is counting in this new trend. The most popular ones are the pants with the stripe print on it. We, at Zaful, have many models for you. We have always the new trends and this one won’t miss us. Visit our site and look at our wide leg pants.

BeFunky Collage

  1. Striped color block high waist wide leg pant 

BeFunky 2.jpg

2. High waisted stripe wide leg pants- Yellow


3. Floral belted wide leg pants


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