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Write by Oliwia

Dzień Dobry! Jak tam u was? Kiedy rozpoczynacie ferie, a może już je macie? Ja właśnie już je mam przez co jest dużo czasu na kolejne posty, dzisiaj mam wishlist sklepu Stworzyłam stylizację. Wyraźcie koniecznie w komentarzu jak wam się ona podoba i co może byście jednak zmienili. Chętnie wysłucham waszych uwag. Na blogu pojawia się kolejny post w stylu fashion. Poprzedni wpis był recenzją ubrań z tego sklepu, a dzisiaj jest to moja wishlist, gdyż zostałam poproszona o zrobienie takiego posta. Dużo nie będę się rozpisywać. Zapraszam do dalszej części posta, czyli moich grafik ze stylizacją.

[EN]Good morning! How are you doing? When do you start the holidays, or maybe you already have them? I have already got them for what is a lot of time for the next posts, today I have a wishlist of store. I created the styling. Be sure to comment on how you like it and what you may change. I would love to hear your comments. Another blog post in the fashion style. Previous post was reviewing clothes from this store, and today it is my wishlist, because I was asked to do such a post. I will not write much. I invite you to the rest of the post, that is my graphics with stylish.

Zaful Coat

Fly Jeans

Flat Shoes


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Write by Verónica MG (February 10, 2017)

Vintage tees are one of my favorite pieces from this season. They are so popular now and I had this one some time ago, and I though it could combine perfectly with this long cardigan I got from Zaful last day. This is a simple outfit, for a small walk into the park as you can see, and I took the pictures here for matching the colors with the nature.
I wanted a long cardigan like this one for long time ago so I ordered this for try how it will look on me and the quality of the sweaters from this store. It’s a bit thin but is good for wearing it in not so much cold days Also it brings that rope to adjust the cardigan and this give it a very cool effect. I have another cardigan from Zaful that you probably have seen it in other posts like this one (read here) and that one is more thick than this one obviously and I like more the quality of the thick one to be honest. But well I like the style of this so I combined it with the vintage tee you see in the pictures and the choker I got from the same store too some months ago.
Source:Verónica MG


Write by Kristina(8.2.17)

Usually I write the posts in the morning or afternoon. But today it happened that now 9pm, and I am going to publish the post. Today was a good weekday. I took this shot on their own. I think it shows. On the street today minus 14 degrees Celsius. The street is simply unrealistic to do the shooting.
I really like this image by color. Velvet pleated skirt and turtleneck with bare shoulders. By this luxurious set, I decided to add a shiny boots.








Write by Milla Tawast (Dec,2016)

Can’t believe it’s December already! The autumn passed by so fast, probably because school has been keeping me so busy. But I don’t mind at all, I love Christmas time. Here is a more casual and cozy outfit with this huge hooded fleece coat from Zaful. It’s perfect to throw on when you just want to be comfortable and warm. The big hood is just awesome!

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Source: Milla Tawast

3 Style Fitness Pants You Must Have

Last year’s hot item was striped sports pants. But do you think that just because you didn’t get in this fashion last year that it is now outdated? No way, they will become an even more popular item this year, taking us into next season. Today, I will tell you 3 style fitness pants you must have.Don’t miss them again!
Chloe was the first designer to showcase striped sports pants in 2016, now, as we are preparing for spring/summer 2017, striped sports pants are once again hitting the catwalk. You can now rest assured that even if you did not buy them last year, that you have the chance to get in on this trend now.


These popular pants are much more different now than they used to be, with a wilder more colourful style that can be worn anytime of the day, not just when doing sports. With wider pant legs this item is becoming more of a fashion statement than a comfort item for exercising in.


Although the stripes on the pants are subtle, they play a vital role in giving you a slimmer looking figure, but picking the right colour is important.In addition to the classic red and black colour, grey and white are also very simple yet effective. If you prefer a more low-key fashion look, try this colour first.


Which One Should I Choose?

I’ve been Invited to a reunion which asked everyone to wear evening dress last month. At that moment, I found myself land in hot water. That’s because I never bought a dress since graduated from high school!

You didn’t hear it wrong.I enjoy wearing casual&sports outfit too much and obviously, they were certainly not a proper choice.

It would be a total waste if I buy something expensive and only wear it for a few times.
So,after asking my friend (Amy). I finally made my decision with a Backless Sequins Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress – Pink.

Combine with a necklace and a little confidence makes me feel really good.The reunion went perfectly after that.


But when I wanted to buy this skirt, the other caught my attention (Plunge Lace Panel Evening Dress – Black).Exquisite lace pattern, and Bella sleeves are my favorite.Black skirt can make my legs look more slender.

The reunion will be start,can you tell me which one should i choose?


Become a Goddess of the Beach

Today, colours we saying our last goodbyes to the freezing season, summer is just around the corner to make our lives bright and happy again. And our bodies are ready to hit the beach. Running on the beach, and feel like the Egyptian goddess of love… Whether you’re trying to get someone’s attention or you just want to impress yourself, try to combine colours as much as you can and take a few tips on how to rock your beach look.You can become a goddess of the Beach.
Try a see through bathing suits, it will look amazingly good with a white summer hat:


It’s a good ideas for combine with strapless swimsuits and Sunglasses.Don’t forget to make your messy bun on top of your head, because your style won’t be complete.


Maxi dresses won’t ever go off of fashion trends.Try this  orange maxi dress from ZAFUL, and combine it with some brown beach flip flops.


These black pineapple bikini, show your inner child and your cute side, you can always choose other prints like seashells and stuff and feel like a free spirit.