Zaful Affiliate in Autumn: Get Stimulated and Win Big!


Thank you all for no matter bringing sales, clicks or simply being a member of Zaful Affiliate. We could feel your great passion and high engagement since this program went live last year. Some of you even reached an exciting goal. To reward your effort and offer better affiliate experience, we have prepared a series of surprises.

The Stimulation Program:

1. Accurate and considerate email service for accounts that have sales, meaning quicker and better problem solving.

2. Monthly bonus for top three seller accounts ($500/$300/$200) with $5000+sales amount, starting from August. So hurry up!

3. $100 gift card giveaway for fast-growing seller accounts (we’ll analyze the sales data)

The Gift Card Usage Terms:

1. Sitewide gift card on

2. If you don’t want a gift card, you can have $50 cash instead, please reply to us.

3. You can sell it at a discount to your friends or whoever interested.

We’ll announce all the bonus winners and gift card winners on Zaful Affiliate Facebook at 11:00 am of Sep 2, 2017(UTC+8). Just like our page and stay tuned. Besides, for those that have $0 sales since registration, no worries, you can earn bonus for bringing effective clicks through your affiliate links: $10 cash bonus for every 1000 effective clicks. Don’t know how to start? Watch our PDF guide below.

All right, not one less. Just keep up and keep energetic! The next winner will be you! For more detailed information please visit our FAQ.

Join us:

Back to school with free new clothes!

Time’s running really fast as always. Finally, it’s time to back to school. We all know that feeling. The sadness deep inside our memory makes us really wanted to help. So here it is!

Back to school

The last hype of this summer. Free clothes for you and your best friend.

Click on the link to our “back to school” special promotion. Pick whatever you want (one product) and share these on your social media platform.


1.Image of the product you desire.图片1

2.Write these in the caption: #BackToSchool I want free clothes for two! Zaful 16 days free shipping from now.

3.Tag your friend: @XXXXXXX and post your share article link in the comment area.

This event is only on our word press blog. From Aug 8 ~ Aug 22.

We will pick 3 winners and give out the product they chose and an extra copy for free!

This is a great chance for receiving freebies, don’t miss it!