Bikini Trends 2018

Hello everyone.

Are you ready for summer 2018? This summer is going to be very fashionable with the new bikini trends. Do you know which trends I mean? No? That’s not a problem. Today I’m going to show you some of the new bikini trends for the summer 2018, so that you can be ready for the beach and rock it off with a stylish bikini. There are so many shapes, colours and prints which are so IN this summer. It won’t be a problem for you to be stylish because many styles are trendy now. One of my favourite bikini trends are the fruit printed bikinis. They are so cute. Here are some examples:


Click here                                                                         Click here

The next trend which you must see are the high cut swimsuits which are great for girls with bigger hips and if they want to cover their belly. These swimsuits are very sexy and stylish too.


   Click here                                                                     Click here 

For girls who are into sport and want to show it, the new trend which is excellent for them, are the aktivewear bikinis.


Click here                                                                Click here

Also one of my favourite trends are the one shoulder bikinis. They look very beautiful and different.


Click here                                                                  Click here

One more trend which I will show you today are the front tied bikinis. They are so stylish and they are giving a vintage vibe.


Click here                                                                        Click here

If you want to know more about bikini trends, click here.


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